Wondering how to save money on airfare in 2023? Here’re 14 foolproof ways

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Let’s face it; airplane tickets are expensive for most of us. Unless you’re a billionaire with a private jet (if you’re, we’re super jealous!), you have scrounged to figure out how to save money on airfare. Flight tickets can be a significant part of your monthly expenses if you regularly travel for business or pleasure. Hence, it can be a wise financial decision to find ways for saving money on air travel.

14 ways to save money on airfare

1. Book your tickets early

Prices of most flight tickets keep increasing the closer you reach to your flying day. Hence, it makes sense to reserve your tickets as soon as you’ve chosen your trip’s destination and departure date. You can get cheap flying rates if you purchase tickets one to three months before departure. Additionally, buying tickets early can get you your favoured seats.

2. Keep your dates and time flexible to save money on airfare

Due to the constant fluctuation in airfare, it is possible to find a cheaper flight near the day of departure. Therefore, if you are flexible with the time and date of the trip, it will be simple to get affordable airfare. Keep a three-day before or after buffer between your precise departure dates. You may do this to save money on airline tickets without seriously disrupting your work routine.

3. Buy your tickets in a different currency

Although budget airlines require that you pay in the country’s currency from which you are departing, you may occasionally be able to find cheaper plane tickets by using a different currency.

If you choose to make this move, ensure your credit card does not impose fees for international transactions; otherwise, you risk spending more money than you intended. When purchasing an airline ticket, you could also use a VPN to conceal your location and appear in a different nation.

4. Use comparison websites to compare prices of tickets

You have two options for purchasing your airline tickets: through the aviation company or a third-party flight booking website. We advise you to choose a third-party website because they help you assess and compare offers using research tools to select the cheapest alternative. Additionally, they notify you daily if the cost of flights travelling your selected route is reduced.

Use comparison websites to save money on airfare

5. Opt for budget airlines

These airlines offer low tickets because they do away with many standard services like meals, drinks, and baggage fees. Although budget airlines frequently don’t provide amenities, they do make sure you have a positive flying experience at a low cost. 

6. Search for flight tickets in incognito mode to save money on airfare

The majority of flight websites and search engines maintain track of client information via cookies. By doing this, companies can raise the prices whenever a certain route is often sought. Therefore, since private browsing or incognito mode wipes your cookie usage each time you log in, it is preferable to search for airlines and schedules in these modes.

7. Search for the cheapest days and destinations

Use flight search engines and visual comparisons of a month’s worth of flight prices. While you can’t identify the cheapest days precisely, there are a few indicators. For example, the prices are usually less Monday through Friday and costlier on the weekends. The vice-versa might be true for other routes.

Therefore, you must compare weekday and weekend ticket costs to determine this. You can find the cheapest day to book flights using flight search engines and trip websites because they list the flight schedule and expenses. Additionally, you can register for low-fare alerts.

It’s also a popular myth that purchasing airline tickets over the weekend results in lower prices. Instead, booking your flights on Wednesdays or Thursdays during the middle of the week will result in a lower flight price.

8. Book round trips on the first go

This is a general rule to follow while trying to reduce the cost of flight tickets. In multi-city flights, mass purchasing air tickets offer you a significant advantage. When you use the same airline or airline from the same alliance for all your flights, ordering tickets in bulk can be beneficial.

9. Book tickets in the off-season to save money on airfare

Most consumers desire flight tickets during off-peak times. Airlines purposefully raise ticket costs during holidays and other busy times. If you plan on going during peak seasons, try reserving your tickets at least a month in advance or opting to fly off-peak.

10. Opt for connecting flight destinations

Booking a ticket with your destination city as a halfway stop can occasionally be more economical than booking a flight straight to your destination city. Therefore, instead of flying to the final destination, one can book a flight like this and get off in the connecting city.

However, you should opt for this only if you have limited luggage. Since airport staff deliver checked baggage to the last flight destination, you should only bring carry-on bags.

11. Get non-refundable air-tickets

It is advisable to choose non-refundable tickets if you are completely positive that you will make the trip you are planned. Airlines generally maintain the cost of non-refundable tickets lower than the cost of refundable ones.

12. Sign up for Frequent flyer programs to save money on airfare

Frequent flyer programs are loyalty initiatives created especially for devoted patrons who favor traveling with a specific airline. You receive points that are added to your account each time you fly with that airline. You can use these points to get substantial discounts and occasionally even fly free.

13. Search for last minute booking discounts in case you’re late

Each airline provider offers a set amount of inexpensive tickets, and once those are gone, the cost of tickets starts to go up. While it’s generally accepted that last-minute bookings result in the highest flight costs, there are times when you can wait up until the final week and take advantage of exclusive last-minute offers from the air carrier. 

Typically, it depends on the route and client demand. If you’re daring, you may also plan a journey to any location based on the availability of cheap tickets.

14. Be quick to take advantage of mistake fares.

While this is a rare occurrence, an airline accidentally lowers the price of a ticket lower than planned. This is called a mistake fare. This can result in significant passenger savings—up to 90% off. However, these prices might change as rapidly as they emerge, so you must quickly detect them.

Not sure if you can arrange childcare or request time off from work? Book it before the price changes and benefit yourself with the 24-hour rule. Give yourself 24 hours to make up your mind in this situation.

How to save money on airfare–The conclusion

Airfare is usually one of the most significant travel expenses. While saving money on airfare can be financially prudential, you should also understand that some factors aren’t worth the cheap prices.

Hence, research a low-cost airline’s safety record, maintenance problems, frequency of on-time departures, and customer reviews and ratings before making a reservation. To protect yourself from any medical emergencies encountered while traveling, you should also carefully plan your trip and include it in an adequate travel health insurance coverage.

Frequently asked questions

What are some discounts you can apply while booking tickets?

Websites such as Agoda always offer discounts that can help save money on travel. Also, AARP flight discounts can be quite the savior for retired folks.

How to save money on southwest flights?

While Southwest frequently offers some of the most affordable rates, you can still save more by using their low-fare calendars or companion passes. 

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